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Result Upload

All participants need to submit the following records to Racematix platform for verifying your result :

1. Strava activity record

2. GPX file

3. Required photos

Participants must follow the official race route to complete the activity at one time, the result has to be submitted before 3rd March 2023 11:59pm).

Submission can only be made once, please make sure your upload is valid.

How to record your run and submit result​

  1. Ensure that your GPX watch/device allows record to Strava.

  2. Ensure your watch is fully charged.

  3. Make sure you get the GPS signal before commencing the run.

  4. At the start, take a selfie and start your watch.

  5. Take selfies at photo points along the route.

  6. At the finish, remember to stop your watch and take a final selfie.

  7. Sync your activity with Strava.

  8. Ensure that read access to your activity has been set up as “public” (Everyone).

  9. Export your GPX file (Instruction of exporting GPX file from Strava).

  10. Log in to the result page of Racematix.

  11. Submit the URL of your Strava activity, GPX file and required photos.

  12. Press “UPLOAD" to finish.

  13. Your result will be displayed on leaderboard page after it is verified.​

  14. If you do not see your result within 2 days, there may be an issue with your result, please contact us as soon as possible.

所有參賽者需要向 Racematix 平台提交以下記錄,以驗證您的比賽成績 :

  1. Strava活動記錄

  2. GPX文件

  3. 所需照片





​如何記錄您的跑步並提交結果​ :

  1. 確保您的GPX手錶/設備可支援上傳比賽紀錄到Strava。

  2. 確保您的手錶/設備已充滿電。

  3. 確保在起步前手錶/設備獲得GPS信號。

  4. 起步位自拍後便可以啟動手錶開始進行紀錄。

  5. 在賽道其他指定打卡位自拍。

  6. 活動結束時謹記停止手錶紀錄,並完成最後一張自拍照。

  7. 將您的比賽活動與Strava同步。

  8. 確保將您的Strava比賽紀錄設定為 ”公開” (所有人)。

  9. 匯出您的GPX文件 (如何在 Strava 導出 GPX檔)

  10. 登錄Racematix成績頁面。

  11. 提交您的Strava活動的URL、GPX文件及所需照片。

  12. 按「上傳」完成提交程序。

  13. 您的結果通過驗證後將會顯示在排行榜頁面上​。

  14. 如果您在 2 天內還沒有在排行榜頁面上看到您的成績,這可能意味著您提交的成績出現了問題,請盡快於與我們聯繫。

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