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What’s so mystifying about the letter X used for the race TRAIL X?

The letter X often symbolizes something unknown, with an air of mystery that can be appealing. Why does the race have this name, and what is so special about the route? The information that can be disclosed for the time being is that the race will be held in Pat Sin Leng Country Park, with a distance of 17km and 32km with a cumulative elevation gain of 1,107m and 1,955m respectively.  The route design involves some off the beaten track, it is extraordinarily special and absolutely challenging!

Registration for the race is expected to commence at the end of November 2024. Super early bird registration will be conducted by blind registration, which means that apart from the above, the organizer will not provide further information during the super early bird registration period.  Super early bird discounts and a mystery gift will be provided to those who are willing to be the trailblazers.  Do you have the guts to take this challenge?

TRAIL X 賽事名稱的字母“X”有什麼神秘之處?

字母 X 通常象徵著未知的事物,帶有一種吸引人的神秘氣息。究竟何解賽事會有這個名稱,而賽事的路線有什麼特別?



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