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Space Tunnel Run 羊出沒注意
Watch out Goats on trail
1st September - 30th October 2022 
2022年9月1日 至 2022年10月30日
Space Tunnel Run, tee
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Space Tunnel Run
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Space Tunnel
4 mountains
4-mountain in a row


Space Tunnel Run (STR) takes you through a chain of mountains to the "Space Tunnel" or Yuen Long instagrammable tunnel with cumulative elevation gain of about 800m. The 16km course starts at Kam Sheung Road Station and ends at the "Space Tunnel’, the green pedestrian tunnel (NS220 tunnel), at Long Ho Road, Yuen Long.
The course goes through 4 mountains in Yuen Long area, namely Sze Pai Shek Shan (290m), Tseng Hang Shan (235m), Cheung Ngau Shan (220m), and Ho Hok Shan (149m).  Although the course does not have big climbs and the elevation profile does not appear to be hard, running up and down all 4 mountains in one go with sections of technical terrain requiring every ounce of concentration is definitely challenging. 

The finish point, the “Space Tunnel”, is an iconic check-in place in Yuen Long. The interior of this pedestrian tunnel is built with green arched metal sheets. The two ends of the tunnel turn white due to distinct light difference. As you run through the futuristic tunnel, with a little imagination it feels like time travel through a space tunnel.

The 2022 inaugural edition of STR will be a virtual race. However you may be surprised by our support with the Beauty and the Beast at one of the summits on the course on selected days. Stay tuned with us!

Transportation & Access:
Both the start and end are easily accessible by Tuen Ma line. 
The start is exit D of Kam Sheung road station. The end is about 20 minutes walk from Yuen Long Station, or 25 minutes walk from Long Ping Station.  


Space Tunnel Run (STR) 是一條16公里距離在「時光隧道」比賽路線,累計攀升接近800米。起步點為錦上路站D出口開始,到元朗有名的朗河路綠色行人隧道 (NS220) 結束。

STR涵蓋元朗四座山,即四排石山 (290米)、井坑山 (235米)、掌牛山 (220米) 和蠔殼山 (149米)。


終點位於元朗的綠色行人隧道 (又稱為綠色隧道) 是元朗有名的打卡位。這條行人隧道的內部是用綠色的拱形鐵皮板建造。由於出入口有明顯的光差,隧道的兩端變成了白色一遍。當你穿過這條富有未來感的隧道時,猶如置身「時光隧道」。


雖則2022年首屆 STR 為虛擬比賽,但是,在您可能會驚訝於我們 在特定的打氣日,我們會特別安排美女與野獸為您帶來驚喜。請繼續關注我們!




The Beauty & The Beast 

space tunnel run, the beauty & the beast
space tunnel run, the beauty & the beast
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