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​STR Course 路線資料

Start : Kam Sheung Road station (exit D)

Thru : Sze Pai Shek Shan, Tseng Hang Shan, Cheung Ngau Shan,

Ho Hok Shan, Castle Peak road (Yuen Long), Long Ho road

End : Green pedestrian tunnel (NS220) at Long Ho Road, Yuen Long

Cutoff time : 7 hours

The only refuel point along the race course is the SHELL Au Tau gas station (Castle Peak Road LOT 1045 BRP)  located at 14km from the start, It is vital for your safety that you maintain adequate levels of hydration. 

起點 : 屯馬線錦上路站 (D出口)

途徑 : 四排石山、井坑山、掌牛山、蠔殼山、青山路 (元朗)、朗河路

​終點 : 元朗朗河路綠色行人隧道 (NS220)

​限時 : 7小時

賽道上唯一的補給點是距離起點 14 公里的 SHELL 凹頭加油站(青山路 LOT 1045 BRP),因此帶備足夠的飲料對您的安全至關重要。

SHELL Au Tau gas station 加油站

​Check-ins 打卡位

Participants are required to take selfies with their bib (the pictures MUST show the face of the participants) at the photo points listed below and upload them as a proof after the run.


1. Start - Kam Sheung Road station Exit D
起點 - 錦上路D出口
Ho Hok Shan selfie point
3. Ho Hok Shan trig pillar
Cheung Ngau Shan selfie point
2. Cheung Ngau Shan trig pillar
Space Tunnel Run, Green Tunnel
4. Finish - Green pedestrian tunnel (NS220)
Long He Road, Yuen Long
終點 - 元朗朗河路綠色行人隧道 (NS220)

​Course Map & Elevation Profile

space tunnel run map
Source : adapted and edited from the map of 1947 -HK Map.HK
STR Elevation Profile
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