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TOUGE FIFTY is a new ultramarathon race in 2022. TOUGE (峠) is a Japanese word meaning "mountain pass". FIFTY is the distance of the race course, i.e. 50km. The mark replacing the letter “o” in the word “Ultramarathon” resembles the top view of a trig pillar. Not to confuse the word TOUGE" with Tough, the course with cumulative elevation gain of almost 3,800m in 50km could be tough!

TOUGE FIFTY takes you through a breath-taking 50km journey through a chain of mountains from Sai Kung to Tai Mo Shan. Some parts of the course are off the beaten track. Although the race is tough and challenging, you will be rewarded with unbelievable beautiful scenery along the course.


About the First Edition of TOUGE FIFTY (held virtually)

The first edition of the race is inspired by COVID-19. During the pandemic, many physical races around the world had to be cancelled and we live under various forms of social restrictions which are greatly affecting our normal lives. Variants of the virus keep emerging and later get replaced by new variants, the pandemic is still with us and not going away. Our lives have not returned to normal and we all feel depressed to an extent. The first edition of TOUGE FIFTY aims to help us break out of the negative mindset and to fill our lives with positive energy.


Given the travel restrictions and pandemic fatigue, the slogan for TOUGE FIFTY this year is “I want PB, Run! Rather than the usual understanding of PB as Personal Best, in this slogan it stands for "Prison Break".


An illustrations of TOUGE FIFTY are designed by Japanese illustrator Tanaka-san. In one of her designs, she tweaks the terrifying image of the virus to an image of happy runners running around globe, she also injected a touch of Japanese style by including the pattern of sakura 🌸.


TOUGE FIFTY是2022年全新的超馬比賽。TOUGE (峠) 是和製漢字,意思是山上的通道。FIFTY是賽道的距離,即50公里。 Ultramarathon 中「o」的替換標記是標高柱的頂視圖。



TOUGE FIFTY 將會帶您穿越由西貢到大帽山連綿山脈,風景令人歎為觀止的50公里旅程。部分賽道在一些較為少人接觸的小徑上。整體來說,賽道除具有挑戰性外,更擁有令人難以置信的美麗風景。


關於 TOUGE FIFTY 第一屆賽事(虛擬賽)


第一屆比賽的靈感來自COVID-19。在大流行期間,全球許多國家和地區的實體賽事都不得不取消。在不同形式的社交限制之下,我們的日常生活均受到極大的影響。病毒的變種不斷出現,及後又被新的變種取代,大流行並沒有完結。 我們的生活一直不能回復正常,大家在某程度上感到沮喪。第一屆TOUGE FIFTY旨在透過賽事幫助大家添入正面能量,從而擺脫消極的想法。

由於有旅遊限制及抗疫疲勞的關係,本屆TOUGE FIFTY的口號是「我要PB,跑!」。PB一般被理解為Personal Best,不過這口號的「PB」是代表「Prison Break」。


TOUGE FIFTY賽事中使用的插畫均由日本插畫師Tanaka-san負責。在其中之一的設計,她把病毒的可怕圖像巧妙地轉化成快樂跑者在全球各地奔跑,加上櫻花🌸圖案,令其作品充滿日系風格。

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