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Fat Mak Trail Race (FMTR in short) is a brand new trail running race in 2023. This race has two distances, 14km and 35km. The starting point and finishing point are both at Butterfly Paradise of Shing Mun Country Park. The race is named after a big rock "Fat Mak Rock" that sits on the routes.

"Fat Mak Rock" is located in the middle section of Tai Shing Stream (KK05288090) and these three chinese characters "肥佬麥 (Fat Mak Rock)" were painted on it. Some netizens pointed out that the paint "Fat Mak Rock" has been appeared as early as 1975. If it is true, it means that "Fat Mak Rock" has a history for nearly 50 years! There is no idea why "Fat Mak Rock" was written or there is any story behind. The interesting name of "Fat Mak Rock" not only makes the rock famous for check-in, but also provides design element for this race.


Fat Mak Trail Race (簡稱FMTR) 是2023年一個新的越野賽事。 賽事分為14公里及35公里兩個組別。 起點及終點均設在城門郊野公園的賞蝶園。賽事名稱以賽道上經過的一大石『肥佬麥』命名。

『肥佬麥』位於大城石澗徑中段 (KK05288090),石上被人漆寫上『肥佬麥』三字。有網民指出『肥佬麥』三字早在1975年已經出現,如果真有其事,即是『肥佬麥』在山界出現了接近50年!究竟為什麼會寫上『肥佬麥』及背後有否鮮為人知的故事,大家就不得而知。『肥佬麥』這個有趣的名字除了令本來寂寂無名的大石變為一個出名的打卡點,亦同時為本賽事提供設計元素。

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