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4TUL Ultra race


4 Trails Ultra Loop, aka 4TUL, was created by Kenneth (PhotoGuava) . The loop starts and ends at Tai Mo Shan Lin Jie's kiosk. The loop is about 189km (Route189) in total with cumulative elevation gain of 5,200m. 95% of the 4TUL route falls within Hong Kong 4 major trails (namely MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail, Hong Kong Trail, and Lantau Trail). It basically divided into 4 trail sections and 3 of them are connected with public transportation by MTR and ferries. The route to be done on foot is approximately 146km.

The 2020 version of 4TUL was a 189km One Go challenge. It ended up with almost 30 participants who attempted the challenge and most of them succeeded.

2021 4TUL Ultra race was a series of trail running races based on the original 4TUL concepts. Besides the original 189km One Go challenge, there were also races from 1 section to 4 section in a row and team challenges.

In order to increase the level of challenge, 2023 4TUL Ultra race has a slight modification from the original course. The concepts of the course on Hong Kong 4 major trails remains. It has been extended to 170km running distance with a total of 4 race categories, namely 100M Extreme, 100K Warrior, 50K Rocker, and 25K Speedster (50K stage race).

關於 4TUL

4 Trails Ultra Loop (簡稱4TUL) 的路線是由Kenneth (PhotoGuava) 設計。起點及終點均在大帽山郊野公園訪客中心茶水亭 (又常被稱為大帽山連姐茶水亭)。路線總距離為189公里,故以Route189之稱。累計攀升5,200米。 4TUL 95%路線均在香港4條主要山徑 (即麥理浩徑、衛奕信徑、港島徑及鳳凰徑) 進行。189公里的路線主要分為4段。其中3段以地鐵或渡輪連接。實際需要跑步的距離約為146公里。​

4TUL 2020為一次性完成189公里挑戰,總參加人數約為30人。大部分參加者都能成功完成。

2021 4TUL Ultra race 是一個由4TUL演變出來的越野賽事, 除了189公里核心賽道,還增加一到四段分開完成及隊際接力的組別。

2023 4TUL Ultra race 在原本賽道上進行了輕微調整,增加了挑戰難度,但仍保留著香港4條主徑作為比賽賽道的概念。賽道的延長到170公里 (跑步距離),共分為4個組別,分別為100M Extreme、100K Warrior、50K Rocker 及 25K Speedster (50K Stage race)。


The first One Go challenge of the 4TUL Route189 was made by Kenneth on 28th November 2020. He is the one who designed the Route189, and also the Race Director of 4TUL Ultra race. 


在2020年11月28日,Kenneth是首位一次性挑戰4TUL 189公里的挑戰者,亦是Route189 路線的設計者及 4TUL Ultra race賽事總監。

4TUL PhotoGuava
4TUL PhotoGuava
4TUL PhotoGuava
4TUL PhotoGuava
4TUL PhotoGuava
4TUL PhotoGuava

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